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Welcome to Weston Creek Physiotherapy

Weston Creek Physiotherapy is committed to providing high quality physiotherapy in a professional, friendly and patient focused environment.

The principal physiotherapist, David Bloom has a clear vision for his profession.

‘To deliver outstanding quality physiotherapy with a commitment to assessing, diagnosing and planning a tailored treatment program for patients’

Weston Creek Physiotherapy will assist you to become ‘Fit for Life’


David has been practicing physiotherapy for 30 years.  After graduating from Cumberland College in 1987 he joined Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital as a staff physiotherapist.

In 1990 he moved to country NSW to experience the lifestyle of a regional town working at Griffith Base Hospital.  David moved to Canberra in 1992 to work in private practice.  He became the principal physiotherapist at Weston Creek Physiotherapy in 1999.

David enjoys a range of sporting activities including mountain biking, bushwalking and swimming.

When it comes to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions that restrict pain free movement, David has the skills and over 30 years’ experience to assist you with an excellent outcome.  David’s commitment and passion for his own fitness and wellbeing is reflected in his patients receiving accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and a realistic/sustainable exercise program.  This approach provides patients with good health and wellbeing and allows a pain free life.

David believes that ‘health and fitness is the foundation of a great life’, his motto is be ‘fit for life’.


At Weston Creek Physiotherapy we treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions and sport injuries, orthopaedic and post-operative rehabilitation and provide strength, conditioning and core stability exercise programs.  David appreciates that we are all very time poor and that prioritising our fitness is challenging.  Each exercise program is tailor made to suit your individual circumstances.

After conducting a full assessment of your injury David will provide an explanation to you in ‘Plain English’ so you understand why the problem occurred and what can be done to assist with recovery and preventing further injury.

A diagnosis and individual treatment plan will be provided with a home exercise program to supplement treatment sessions to help get you better sooner. David will outline the recovery process and explain the number of treatments you may require to get you back to full fitness. Throughout your treatment you will be continually updated on your progress and he will provide correspondence to your healthcare providers if and as required.

One of the goals of treatment for David is to develop an ongoing maintenance exercise program for you to keep you fit and well over the long term.

Please contact WCP if you have any queries by calling the practice on 6288 8152 or email


Do you suffer from headache or migraines?
Have you tried a number of different approaches without success?


Backs, Necks and Shoulders

Back and neck pain are experienced widely in the community. Our modern lifestyle places enormous demands on our spines.


Knees and Ankles

Knee and ankle injuries affect people of all ages. Most commonly these joints are injured whilst participating in sport.


Sports Injuries

A sports injury can be a frustrating interruption to your life and regular exercise routine.


Orthopaedic Rehab

Physiotherapy following orthopaedic surgery is essential for your complete recovery and optimal outcome.


Fitness for over 50’s

Moving into your 50’s and beyond often brings new challenges, aches and pains.



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